How to: Style Knee boots

How to Style knee high boots Youtube Video

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Soooo, this blog is about how to style a pair of knee high boots. People can think these are quite risky, and I was really keen on them on other people but not on myself. However, I grew some balls and just bought some because why not?! I bought some that were a little bit more expensive but I wanted to get a pair that were good quality and weren't tacky and also tight on the legs. So I opted for some from TopShop, I think they were under 'Cocktail Knee high boots'.

Anyway I hope this is useful to you in some way, your more than welcome to also view how I style my knee high boots via my YouTube channel, just linked above! If you'd rather see it in a written format then just keep on reading!

#1 Cold afternoon out
This look is ideal for an afternoon or a casual evening out with friends if your quickly grabbing a bite to eat. Especially at this time of year this look be guaranteed to keep you warm!
Jacket : Zara
Top : TopShop
Black jeans : New Look
Knee high boots : TopShop

#2 Going out for lunch or dinner
This look is a little bit more dressy compared with the other look shown, but I really like this look, with tartan as a top trend this current season, this look both looks smart but also quite girly. Knee high boots with a tartan skirt will always be a hit!
Top : TopShop
Skirt : New Look
Knee High boots : TopShop

#3 Trench Coats and denim

With both of these items becoming in trend this Winter, what's better than to pair them up. Perfect for those icy and blue sky days where you still want to keep warm but look a bit more dressy. Adding a high turtle neck allows you to keep warm, and the use of Autumal colours creates a simple but rendy look.

Trench coat : Primark
Top : TopShop
Skirt : Urban Outfitters

#4 Winter Party

One piece of clothing that always looks so easy to put on but still looks really stylish with a pair of knee high boots is long swing dresses. In particularly this one, with long swing sleeves keeps the warmth you need for Winter, but adding a fur coat goes really well but will still make you look super classy!

Dress : In the style 'Binky's collection'
Fur coat : Primark

#5 Gathering/Going out clubbing

Following on the swing dresses is this simple but flattering green dress. Long sleeved dresses are the perfect item to get during the cold season, again keeping you warm but still looking really nice, especially with the boots. You can dress this up either with a fur jacket, or leather jacket if you are going out clubbing with friends. 

Dress : TopShop
Clutch : Accessorize

#6 A tartan day

Keeping along with my all time favorite tartan, is a very casual look but again the boots allow you to dress it up. The beauty of knee high boots is that they go with pretty much everything and can allow you to dress them up or down to your needs! This looks great with a basic graphic tee and a colourful coat.

Coat : Zara
Tee : Zara
Jeans : TopShop 

I hope you enjoyed this post and was helpful to you! Comment below what other blog posts you'd like to see and also to check out my YouTube channel!

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