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My Beauty Favourites of January 2016 / End of 2015

Hey loves, hope you are well. So I can't believe that the first month of 2016 is nearly over! Our New Year's resolutions weren't too long ago and I hope that they are going well for you all, as of myself eating 'healthier food' has only really kicked in this week... But now I'm back into a regime I feel much more determined to achieve my goal. As of a New Year, this also means new beauty products, which I'm going to talk about in today's blog! I would love it if you guys would also suggest some blog posts that you'd be keen on reading, so make sure you leave a comment. I've also linked my YouTube video for my Beauty favorites of the end of 2015 and also this month, so make sure you give it a watch!

Anyway, I wanted to try out some new exciting products to jazz up my beauty collection and also make me feel more excited about getting ready to go out, get showered etc. Some of these products I also got for Christmas, so I wanted to share my thoughts on them with you guys, and why I've really been enjoying them.

Firstly, I'm going to talk about the 'Chloe' perfume, which is called 'SeeBy', its in the picture above, but obviously I'm going to have to mention the packaging. Very simple, and sharp but elegant. Chloe perfumes are one of my all time favourite perfumes that I also go back to using or trying. Marc Jacobs, the one next to it is also one of my favourite brands too. However, the Chloe perfume is very light but also quite rich. Therefore it allows you to apply as much or as little as you want too depending on if your wearing it in the day time/night time. A memorable and floral scent, which also has essences of apple blossom makes it a elegant perfume wherever you go!

Secondly moving onto the 'Zoella' Creamy madly dreamy body lotion. I give her credit, she did a good job. I wanted to try a product out of her range just to see what it was like and I got her body lotion for chrimbo. A really good formula, as it says in the name it is very creamy and the smell is fresh which gives a nice sense once its soaked into your skin. The product does do a really good job at moisturising your skin too, but it does take a little bit longer to absorb into your skin unlike some other ones I've tried, but all in all a great product which does the job! Following on from this, is also some of the Jack Willis products in the picture above. Again, I got these for Christmas and these are full of goodness. They give an amazing smell once you've showered that I just want to keep smelling myself.. (that just sounds weird), anyway I have the body lotion, scrub and wash and they are amazing! The scrub inparticular does a great job, getting rid of any dead skin which leaves your skin super smooth after you've showered. Definitely recommend for those of you that want to smell luscious! 

Moving on, some of you may recognise my naked palettes from Urban Decay because I talk about them alot in my YouTube videos, so if you want to see a review on them just click on the link at the top of the page because some of you will probably get sick of me talking about how much I love those palettes!! However, the Maybelline colour tattoo eyeshawdows are flawless, I have a couple of them now, including 'On and On bronze' which is in the picture above. I can't credit maybelline enough on how well they've done in making these so pigmented. They are most likely to wear a whole night out without coming off and they compliment your eyes so well, they also do them in so many other colours which I'm also going to go and buy! But if you are looking for some pigmented eyeshawdows, these are the ones to get. They are also really easy to blend as they are quite creamy, and you can probably use just the one eyeshawdow for a natural day look, but also dress it up and use alternative eyeshawdows!

My next beauty product that I've been enjoying recently is Tanya Burr's cosmetics. Again, like Zoella's I was interested in trying one of her products to see what they were like for myself. As it goes for lipglosses, I prefer a lipstick myself that I only have to apply the once or twice a day and I'm reliant on the colour staying on all day but with lipglosses, I'm more hesitant. This is in the colour daydream which is a gorgeous light nude. Ideal for in the day with a golden/bronze eyeshawdow look. What I'm enjoying about this product is that the colour itself is not disappointing, the nude is very apparent which I like, and the formula of the lipgloss is a great creamy substance. You may have to apply this more than often compared to a lipstick but another product that has satisfied me!

Last but never least is a contour kit that I got from KIKO. This palette does wonders. This was in the colour light to medium but they also do a medium to dark colour if you prefer. As contouring is becoming a popular technique that those of us make up fanatics are going crazy about, it does a really good job. The palette comes with a mirror, angled brush and even tells you where upon your face you wish to apply each colour (how handy right?!), although, the colours itself are matte powders which allows you to build it up to your choice. The more you build it up the greater the intensity it will be and they do a brill job at defining and shaping your face. The highlight is more of a vanilla highlight, so if you are looking for more of a basic highlight then this is the one to get. However, after I've used this I also go in with one of my other highlights just to exaggerate this. If you are looking for a contour set though, this is a great place to start!

That's all for my new beauty favourites that I've been enjoying recently! I hope you've enjoyed the style and format of my blog post, comment below what else you'd be interested in reading!

See you on another blog,



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