New coachella range from H&M

Hey guys! Another blog has yet approached, and considering the Spring months have daunted upon us, I thought I'd share with you some of the new items of clothing that H&M has brought out recently, and considering Coachella is occuring presently I thought it would be rather useful! (Ideal for other festivals too!) I sometimes find H&M quite hit or miss, I go in there and find nothing.. or the complete opposite. Which, in this case, was the complete opposite. They have some wonderful Spring clothing out at the minute, and I'd thought I'd show you some of my purchases! Products linked at the bottom! What I also liked whilst in store, is that they are having an recycle week from the 17th-24th of April, inspiring those to recycle old clothes that are hardly worn, in order to save resources, or use less resources; which is really good morals, and great for looking after our brilliant planet.

Recently. I've been interested in a lot of patterns for my style at the minute. In particular, I'm loving the flowy, loose boho style. I thought some of these items would be perfect to style for that sort of look I'm aiming for. Perfect for festivals too, so easy to put on and wear, dress it up or down - that's entirely your choice.

Considering I was talking about the Boho style I'm enjoying recently, the pattern of this holter neck crop top is adorable. It has really detailed elephants on it, and if you are interested in the pattern they also have them on dresses, other styles of t-shirts. I had to stop myself from buying them all! This top in particular is really sweet, either how I'm wearing them casually with a pair of JONI Jeans from topshop, or with a black leather skirt; would also look lush. The style of t-shirt is also really flattering on the figure.

Following on from the beautiful elephant print I was talking about, below they also have it in more of a loose fitting, flowy strappy top. This would be ideal for the day time wear, with a cute floppy hat. The neck lip is a bit different compared to the one on the left, but alternatively, has a really nice cross detailing on the back, opening up the back area.


Recently, I have fallen back in love with graphic tees; but basic graphic tee's. This simple patterned one from H&M is so easy to wear, yet the quality of this t-shirt and how it sits on the figure is really impressive. It's more of a high circle neck, and with the cactuses on, it really dresses up a normal plain white t-shirt. (I must say as soon as I saw this I thought Oli White and I had to just buy it!
Likewise, these trousers are beautiful. Very Spring like, and I just fell in love with the pattern on the trousers. They are more of a tight fit, with a golden zip on the side of the trousers allowing you to take them off and on easily, they are super stretchy too which is also a positive! Either with a pair of flat lace up pumps or dressing it up with a leather jacket would look perfect! The pattern on the actual trousers also creates quite a sharp and outgoing look which I also liked.
I hope you enjoyed this blog, and found it to you some interest! The products I've talked about will be linked below for you to either browse, or purchase to your wonderful needs. I feel like I'm going to have to go back into H&M and look at all their other items of their new collection I haven't yet to of looked at, but I know it will never be good for the bank balance!

See you on another blog,

Lots of love,
Thatgingegirl xoxo

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