Start of Spring & my Spring outfit

Hey loves, hope you are all doing well, I can't believe it is now April! You see, I'm happy it's now Spring because you can wear more adventurous clothing rather than boats and a chunky coat, but also the weather should hopefully be getting better too! I thought I'd post a blog more Spring like, and we ventured for a day out in Portsmouth in the UK, after a long (ish) journey. For those of you that don't know the UK particuarlly well, Portsmouth is on the South Coast of the UK, which is a really pretty area, especially when by the harbour and the weather is sunny. We managed to pick a day whereby the sun was out, which was a relief because we went to a shopping outlet that was practically outside, called Gunwharf Quays (pronounced like keys).

Making the most of my relatively new camera, I was experimenting with new and exciting shots that I'd thought I'd share with you- we stopped off by Cafe Nero and I tried one of their 'Frappe Cream' strawberry and vanilla shakes, disgarding the calorie intake; it was marvelous.

The habour was a delight, like I said with the weather being so nice, and got me super excited for Spring/Summer ahead, I love exploring and venturing out to new places and areas.

In Portsmouth, it's quite well known for it's famous landmark called the Spinnaker Tower, as above shown. You can actually go up the tower if you wish which I have done before, and there's apart which there's glass flooring so you can just look down and see the ground- quite a weird experience, but also showing my inner dare devil. (Not that extreme)

We stopped by by the harbour and popped to Giraffe for a bite to eat, I went for the Thai Duck noodles; truly amazing! Not something I'd usually go for, but venturing outside the box abit which personally I was impressed with. Defintely worth the try! But I just loved how colourful the food looked and also tasted amazing, so I can't complain.
Bomber Jacket: Missguided
Checked Shirt: Topshop
White V neck t-shirt: Missguided
JONI High waisted jeans: Topshop
Grey bag: Topshop
Black boots: Topshop
Sunglasses: New Look

Whilst on my ventures out, I thought you'd guys be interested in what I was wearing for those days when it's sunny but still a bit chilly! Layers is always a hit, because you can take things off or on depending how cold/hot it is. So I wore my checked shirt, from TopShop, which has some really nice Spring colours - such as green and a pastel pink. I noticed how much of my clothing was from TopShop when I listed my clothing... It's so bad. I also bought these Joni Jeans from Topshop very recently just because of how practical they are, and they literally will go with anything! I went for a lighter blue just so it would go nicely with the change to the more brighter and summery seasons.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog, let me know what other blogs/also YouTube videos you'd like to see!

See you on another blog,

thatgingegirl xoxox


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