Where To Go In Brighton | Day 2

Well hey guys, it's me again. I'm posting a bit more on the here and currently I'm looooooooving it. I hope you all are too, and I would like to assume you are because last week's blog post has rocketed! If you haven't seen it, then simply click here, it's funnily enough quite related to this post - I talk about everything we got up too on our first day in Brighton. (It was a lot, a lot, of fun by the way - so I recommend giving it a read, but don't forget to come back to this one !!) 

However, our next day in Brighton, consisted of breakfast, donuts, choocywoccydoodah, and mini golf. I know, there was a lot of food.

Red Roaster

We decided to hit up a place called Red Roaster Coffee Co. It's located behind the Brighton aquarium, just down one of the lanes. It doesn't look as good from the outside as it does within the restaurant, but within, the place is so visually pleasing !! If you are a good ol' lover of an insta worthy post, then you need to go to this place ASAP. (Never mind the food - of course I'm kidding) It's got quite an edgy and chilled atmosphere which I enjoyed from having breakfast there - and the staff were super accommodating.
Now, as for the food - the breakfast menu can be considered to be partly limited, with only a few choices to pick from, but it's probably because they nail every dish !! As for prices, it wasn't too inexpensive for what you expect when you go out for brunch - round about £10-£15 dependent. Nevertheless, I would recommend it to any of you brunch lovers out there !!


Brighton Square & The Lanes

We had to walk our breakfast off a little, (!!) so we went for a wonder down towards Brighton square and the lanes. They are really quaint, very photogenic, and way quieter than the main high street. You can find some really individual and independent restaurants, cafe's and shops! Although we may have got a little lost and walked up and down the same lane three times,  (I'm not kidding) it was lovely just to have a wonder around and do a bit of exploring. 


It was whilst we were wondering round the lanes we came across the not so famous 'choccywoccydoodah' !! It was SO unusual. Somewhere you wouldn't find on your local high street - but so frickin' cool. I mean, they make high heels, and god knows what else out of chocolate. If your a choco' fan and haven't been - get yourself there right now. 
There's a shop downstairs where you can have a look at all the flamboyant and crazy chocolate pieces, and then if you go upstairs there's a cafe. It's SO quirky, I just loved it. It kind of felt like you were in Alice in Wonderland !! The staff, again were so welcoming - I feel it makes such a difference. Food-wise, there was a lot of choice: sundaes, milkshakes, and dipping plates with your choice of milk, dark or white chocolate. Our strawberry milkshakes were so tasty and filling - we definitely weren't needing lunch after that !!

Dum Dum Donnutterie 

I know I just mentioned that we weren't needing lunch after those shakes - however, the food god's navigated us to Dum Dum Donutterie. I was super duper excited to visit this place as I have seen a lot of talk about it, so I wanted to see if it could walk the walk. 
As I'm sure you can tell from the photos above, there is SO much to choose from. (I took so long to make a decision on which one to pick...) In the end, I picked two, (one for later off course) 'galaxy' and 'blueberry cream'. They were so delicious and completely different to ya' usual donut, there's even flavoured butter cream inside. I don't know whether this is quite a big statement to say, but they were the best donuts I've had in my whole entire lifespan. I know - that's quite a statement. But if that doesn't make you go whilst your in Brighton then who knows what will (!!)
My only tip, is that if you are after the whole selection then I would recommend going earlier in the morning or early afternoon as they may sell out! They are freshly made everyday, so make sure you don't miss out on the goodens !! (such as blueberry cream, yum)

Jumble Rumble Mini Golf

You're probably thinking, did we just eat whilst we were in Brighton? We had to do some form of activity after we sat and ate our donuts by the beach, so we went to Jumble Rumble to play some mini golf. This place is within perfect location, walkable distance from Brighton pier - only about a 5/10 minutes walk down the seafront. It was great to go whilst the weather was top notch, (it honestly felt like we weren't in the UK) and it wasn't that expensive either! As a student it was round about £7/10 for 18 holes. You have the choice to go on an difficult or easier route - but as golf amateurs, we took the easier route. SO fun if you just want a laugh, (I put my golf ball in the water... woops) and it's a great course! My only tip is try not to aim to go around lunch time as it can get quite busy and you don't want to have to rush the course (!!) 

I hope you enjoyed this post - I would love to know if you have any recommendations of places to go in Brighton if I visit again!

See you soon in another blog post,

That Ginge Girl x