New Year's resolutions

A New Year

Ummm... Well, I don't really know how to start this really. (Going well) But I'm new to this whole blogging thing, so please bare with me! But hey! However you found me to come to this post, wherever you are on this Earth, welcome to my blog. I hope to entertain you with my exciting and eventful life, ranging from my favourite beauty products, how to style clothing, and plenty more, but all just in a written format, supposively from watching a video on YouTube. (Although, if you want to do that, just search thatgingegirl on YouTube!) 

So, where to start. Apparently, I'm talking about the New Year. Well, that's what I told myself anyway. 2015 was such an epic year, and I literally mean epic. I reached a lot of my goals to where I am today, and I pushed myself so hard to reach where I wanted to get, or do, and in actual fact I ticked off every single one of my New Year's resolutions. So this year I have to do exactly the same! I was able to go travelling with family and friends, but also push myself out of my comfort zone. ALOT. But I feel I've become much more confident as a person. If you ever have an ambition or you feel that you can't do something, you really can. You just need to believe in yourself, and if it does feel out of your comfort zone, it will be 100% worth it. 

Anyway, baring this in mind here are some of my new year's resolutions I want to share, so at the end of the year I can look back at this and see whether I've accomplished them. (Hopefully)

1) Firstly and most importantly, is to have a healthy and happy year. This also goes towards my very important family and friends. I can not re-alliterate that any further. Aslong as your healthy, you eat well, I know the odd treat is always good, I'm not going to deny it! But just eat well, and excercise regularly! But also, be happy. If your in a job, or if your in unhealthy relationship, leave it, do something that your passionate about, and you go to everyday thinking it's not a job, it's something you love!

2) Number two, to spend time on people that will make the same effort with me. Very recently I have noticed extremely who will make the effort with me, and there's people that I thought I would carry on too be friends with, and they actually haven't, but on the other hand, there's people whom I wouldn't think want to make the effort with me, and actually have, and surprised me. Through-out the last couple of years, and I'm sure many of you will have also noticed that you get best friends who you just know that you will continue to be best friends and more like a sister for life. Contrastly, there's those that you thought would make the effort with you, but just hadn't seem to bothered as much as you thought with them. This is so important, because time is a virtue and don't spend it on people that will leave you in the end,

3) Too keep working on my YouTube. I started filming and editing videos last summer, and I've always wanted to do one, but I never had the confidence to do so, but I started to care less what people thought about me and what I would do so I just went for it and braved through my first and very nerve racking video, and I actually really enjoy doing it. It brings out the creative side of me, and I can continue to do so with my channel. So I want to try and upload as many videos as possible, I'm trying to keep a schedule of one a week which I haven't actually done too bad at yet! But yeah, any support if you have any video ideas, or subscribe I would really appreciate it! Here's my link if your interested: 
On top of this, I also told myself to get myself a new and great quality camera. I've been looking at cameras ever since summer, but I haven't actually managed to get one yet, so I've stuck with my Song Cypershot camera which I've probably had for the last 3 years I'd say! So I'm looking at the Song RX100 at the moment, I just need to buy it!

4) Do something ambitious, out of my comfort zone! Now, whether this is travelling, this is what I'm aiming at. In summer I really want to go on holiday with my friends, I don't know where but it's always so much fun. Somewhere spontaneous! However, I really fancy going to Italy this year and exploring Rome or Venice, or just going for a long weekend away in Paris. The world is so beautiful and there's so much to see of it, I'd just to go love adventure!

5) Now, another one that I'm sure that many of you will also probably have on your list, but to keep fit and tone myself up for Summer! I did say this last year, and although I keep fit, I want to get super toned this year! (This should be interesting..) For once I would love to feel super confident in myself. Along the line of this is to also stop snacking! (Unhealthy snacks) I'm really bad at this and if I ever feel peckish I have a look in the cupboard and have a couple of biscuits without thinking about it, but I know that I need to stop doing that! We shall see how that goes, I'm still trying to finish my Christmas chocolate! On top of this is to also drink more water, because it'll probably make a huge difference in my appearance and I'll properly just feel so much more healthier in myself.

6) I want to look after my skin more. Yes, I buy moisturisers and clean my skin every evening, I use simple and I couldn't recommend it any further, it's so good, does exactly what it says on the tin and is really inexpensive. If I don't clean my skin I break out in the morning (Ew) but I want to buy more skin treatments and just make sure I look after it, because I suppose we only have one skin and one skin only! That sounds so weird, but it's true.

That's about all! I really hope you enjoyed my first ever blog post and feel free to share your own New Year's resolutions with me, I'd love to hear them! Also, if you made it to this point I'm proud of you *pat on the back*

See you soon on another blog!