How too: Make a red berry smoothie

Hello loves, hope you are all well. I thought I'd share with you this simple and easy recipe during this Spring season, and soon to be Summer. Well, that's depending if we have a Summer in the UK. Hah. This recipe takes no time to prepare, literally 5 minutes, and it also counts as 2 if your 5 a day. Healthy way to kick start your morning too! If you enjoyed this blog then please make sure to leave me a comment on more suggestions, and follow my instagram/twitter, which is linked on my YouTube! (Link above) x

What you'll need:

- Smoothie maker/blender!

- Grab a banana

- A berry of your choice, hence the 'red berry title', I went for a mix, so blueberries, blackberries,       raspberries and cranberries, but you can also have just one berry if you fancy that!
(Note that I also went for frozen fruit, as it creates a colder and fresher taste)
Round about 140g, but I just chucked in round about a handful and a half.

- Mineral water if you want to create a smoother consistency

-Drizzle of honey (Completely optional!)

1st Step: 

As simple as ever, all you have to do is chop up all the banana into the blender, and also pop in your berries of your choice. I put in round about a handful and a half.

Step 2: 

Make sure it's secure in the blender and then let it do the job! I left it on for a good 3 minutes, because I like a smoother consistency, with fewer bits. If you'd prefer your smoothie to have a few more bits don't blend it for as long as I did!

Step 3:

Once you have then blended your fruit together, it should come out a vibrant red looking colour as shown below. This is totally optional again, but if you want it to be a bit more smoother then add a bit of mineral water, or ice if you want the smoothie to be colder. I added a tiny drizzle which was perfect for me.

Step 4:

Once you are happy with your consistency of the smoothie! Pour it into a glass, and enjoy! Add a drizzle of honey on the top if you wish, and a couple pieces of fruit! I absolutely love these, they are so simple, and 100% natural fruit, no added sugar required and they really boost me for the day ahead!  

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