Long time no see - Catching up on my holidays...

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Hey loves! It feels so weird writing a blog again, not a bad weird, but good weird obviously. But I haven't written a blog post since May! Where has the time gone! Since then, I have been more focused upon uploading videos for my YouTube, and have now kept upon my weekly basis, of a video every FRIYAY! So if you haven't seen them, just click the link above this paragraph to see all my joys of videos, including my holiday to Malta but in video format... If that's what you prefer!

Anyway, speaking of which I did go away on holiday, rather spontaneously as we booked it a month before. I went with one of my closest friends, which was lovely and we could have some good quality time together, because I don't see her very often. I looked through my New Year's resolutions before writing this, and this is one I can tick off the list too! So very proud of myself if I don't say so myself! Never the less, if you have the time to go away and book a holiday do so! Life is too boring to sit around and just go to work, get your adventure hat on and go away, because it really is worth it, not only is it good for you to have a break and refresh your mind, but there is so much out there waiting for you to see. So make the most of it.

Enough of that now, and I thought you guys may be interested as to what I got up too whilst I was away. We decided on going to Malta. Although I know numerous people whom have been there on there travels, I have never had the thought of going there myself, until last week. But, it was the first time I have been there, and honestly, it surprised me and I was extremely impressed with the island, and what it had to offer.

We stayed in an area near Buggiba. (I think that was how it was spelt) But there was a lot to do, it was near the habour too and the sea so that pleased me. Malta is quite rocky however, so the beaches are a little bit stony, but that wasn't really a problem. You could still go in the sea but there was ladders to go into the sea which was pretty cool. The water was incredibly clear, and warm too! One thing that I was really impressed with was the bus services in Malta. You could practically travel around the whole island with the buses, and they were super inexpensive too, which was crazy! We went up too Gozo and Comino too which are a couple of islands that are located nearby Malta. I would definitely recommend going too them both, we got the public bus to then get a ferry to Gozo, which was only about 6 euros. 

I've put a couple of pictures of Gozo below, but it was incredible. We went to Citadel in Gozo which was this massive castle. You have too go up a lot of stairs, and in the heat you do get a sweat on, but the views are amazing. They had lots of old prisons there too, and cathedrals which you could go into free, so if you like that cultural and historic stuff then this is up your street.

Another day, when we visited Comino, we just got a straight catamaran to the island from the harbor and we could spend the whole day there, which was only 20 euros! We stopped for an hour at a crystal blue lagoon, which was unreal. I have never seen water so blue in my life, it was beautiful. You could snorkel around the lagoon, which of course I did, and there was loads of fish! We then went to Comino for the rest of the day, which is exactly what you dream of a holiday. Apparently there is only 4 residents that actually live on the island, so it is quite small but ideal for a day out. There's places to get food and snacks, and with the sun and the sea, that's all you need. It felt like entering a swimming pool, it was crazy!

Crystal Blue Lagoon.. So blue!
We went there for 7 days, which we felt was enough to see what we wanted to see, we could relax, but yet explore and adventure the island too. So if this is your kind of holiday, then I recommend it! The weather too was perfect, reaching about 30 degrees each day, but the last day was 36 degrees, which was a bit too hot, that sort of uncomfortable sweaty weather, haha. 

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, and may of encouraged some of you to book a trip to Malta!

See you soon on another blog post,

That Ginge Girl xo