Autumnal Amsterdam trip...

It's been a while since I've yet again done a blog post, but I thought it was about time. Especially recently as I've just arrived back from Amsterdam. I went for roughly 4/5 days, which was plenty of time for me to explore the unique and upcoming City of Amsterdam; it's very different compared to London! We stayed within the heart of the City, but I thought I'd share with you my thoughts whilst I was away, in case any of you are planning too or wishing to visit!

Firstly, the canals are beautiful - specifically this time of year when the trees are changing color! We had great weather, the occasional odd shower, but particularly on the first day, it was blue skies and very cold compared to the UK! A big coat, jumpers, hats, scarves and gloves was definitely on the agenda; and I advise you bring warm clothing with you if you are going to visit!

The architecture and buildings in Amsterdam is unusual and very detailed which was something I loved whilst venturing around the city. We pretty much walked everywhere - on the first day I walked 32,000 steps! Which I probably needed considering the amount of nice food I ate! However, there are plenty of bikes around, so if you did want to go on a bike tour around the City that was easily accessible, although when walking stay aware of bikers! They come from no where, and it's an achievement that I actually didn't get run over by a bike...

Regarding food, there was so much choice around the City of Amsterdam - ranging from quick grab up and go noodle bars - we went to a place called 'Wok to walk' which was incredible and I highly recommend, including a vegetarian pitta falefel bar for those vegetarians out there! We also went to some Italian restaurants and a wagamamas! So there is plenty of choice. Prices were roughly around the same price in the UK... The 'wok to walk' bar cost me around 9 Euros but was completely worth it. Of course, not forgetting the waffles, crepes and churros which were dotted around everywhere, satisfied my hunger needs!   

There was plenty of places to visit if you wanted to site see, including the 'iamsterdam' sign, which of course I got a photo with. We also visited the Anne Frank's house, however didn't actually go inside. The queue was humongous, so I suggest if you are going to go book it way in advance or go a bit earlier in the day to avoid the queues! We also visited where the 'Fault in our stars' was filmed in the location of Amsterdam, which was on the way to Anne Frank's house, so we killed two birds with one stone! The bench was filled with padlocks which had quotes from the film!

Overall, I really enjoyed my time in Amsterdam, however I felt that I had enough time to explore the City within the 4/5 days I was there. It was great visiting around this time of year, due to the seasons changing but also it was less busy and frantic than it would be during the Summer Holidays - so I would recommend going for a long weekend away! Plenty of restaurants, food and places to visit embrace their unique culture!

Thank you for reading my blog post! Let me know what else you'd like to see, and check my social media linked below! Don't forget I upload videos every Friyay on my YT!

See you soon on another blog post,

That Ginge Girl xoxo

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