Come Strawberry Picking With Me!

Summer is all about doing stuff that you don't usually do - and for me that involves strawberry picking. I haven't been in so long, years in fact. I used to go pretty regularly when I was a tod but it was nice to go and 'relive' my childhood (!!) There's such a feel good factor about going out and picking your own fruit 'n' veg, and I know that I definitely won't be running out of strawberries anytime soon... that's for sure. For the next few weeks I'll be having strawberries with everything (!!)

For days when the sun is out in full swing, high waisted shorts and a basic crop top is the way to go! I like to keep it lightweight & simple for those days when picking strawberries get's ya flustered... trust me.

My Outfit:

T-shirt -  Topshop
Shorts - Similar
Shoes - Old Skool Vans
Choker - Accessorize
Sunglasses - Accessorize (Similar)

See you soon in another blog post, new suggestions & ideas are always welcome!


That Ginge Girl x

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