My Current Outfit Obsessions for Summer

Well hello my lovelies, I hope we are all well. Again, it's been a while since I've posted on the blog (!!) and I thought it was about time to give it a bit of loving care. Recently, specifically in the U.K, Summer has definitely made an entrance and it's pure bliss! (Although, as Brits we still complain about it being to hot and the heat is too much blah blah blah...) I've been making full use of the weather, and managed to cope with the heat - as temperatures have rocketed up to 30 degrees. (Yes, that's surprised me too, I had to make sure I was writing the right number!!) Plenty of BBQ's, relaxing, reading and bike rides just to soak up the Summer sun. Nevertheless, it has been the perfect weather for me to film and shoot my 'go-too' Summer Lookbook. When your out and about all you want is something lightweight, easy and casual for the day, but also something I lil' bit dressy in the evenings, and is apt for when it get's a bit chilly. I thought all these outfits were perfectly suited for the Summer time and I hope you find this visually pleasing! My outfits are all linked at the bottom of the page if you wish to have a browse around and purchase if you please, apologies to your bank balance in advance (!!) 

Watch my Summer Lookbook here if ya want:

You can't see these shorts close up, but I'm obsessed with these shorts. (You can see them fully in my video on YouTube!!) They have flamingos on them. Flamingo's. I love them. I swear I'm going through a phase of loving anything with cactus, pineapple's and flamingo's on - and I really don't know why. They just look so pretty. This outfit is great for those sunny days and to get ya tan on - although for me I'll be coating myself in factor 50 sun cream. Ginger issues (!!) 

This outfit is great for those evenings when it get's a little bit chilly, or your going out for a dinner and want something semi-smart/casual. Again, another recent obsession of mine, (I have a lot, woops) is embroidery - I love the texture and bright combo of colours. This top from zara ticks all the right boxes and is a nice loose fitting - so you don't feel all hot and bothered in it! Because that'll be the worst. (ew)

Culottes for me are so easy for Summer. They look super dressy, yet are completely effortless. I love the variety of colours and patterns that are currently in the shops at the mo, Zara, of course being one of them. These ones are also from Zara and are surprisingly not too expensive. (I have them in black too) I paired these with a loose fitting bell-sleeved top and a pair of old skool vans. Again, a great outfit that's apt to transitioning from the afternoon to the evening (!!)

Lastly, my final outfit obsession has to be a bit of good ol' denim. You can never go wrong. This outfit is pretty simplistic and basic - a pair of Dree jeans from TopShop, (Topshop jeans are where it's at) and a chunky oversized denim jacket. I recently bought these Topshop jeans, and I love the distressed ends on them, something a bit unusual and gives me a festive vibe!!  I've had this denim jacket for a while, but there are plenty of other shops that do ones alike. (Asos being one of them - linked below) A big chunky belt adds a bit of detail but it's great for those casual days.

Let me know if you want to see more outfit posts just like this, and/or if you want me to create more blog posts in general - because I haven't been posting for a while on here! Just comment below.

Hope you are all enjoying the Summer sun and are taking a break here and there from work, school, and exams if you have them! (Good luck if you do)

See you soon in another blog post,


That ginge girl x

Outfit 1 

Sunglasses: Accessorize (Similar)
Black Top: ZARA
Flamingo Shorts: ZARA
Old Skool Vans

Outfit 2

Black Jeans: ZARA
Loafers: (Similar) Topshop

Outfit 3

Black top: Similar
Culottes: ZARA

Outfit 4

White Denim Jacket: Similar
Jeans:  Topshop Dree
Old Skool Vans