Where To Go In Brighton | Day 1

Hello loves !! Hope your Tuesday is/has treated you well. I've mentioned on my insta & twitter that I will now be uploading more regularly on my blog. New blog posts will now be going live every Tuesday at 5pm, along with my usual Friyay YouTube vids. I've felt more inspired recently with the blogging world and want to create a schedule with it - as much as I do with my YouTube. So I'll be around more on here !! (Let me know what content you'd like to see)

Now onto the actual blog post - My best friend and I recently booked a lil' get away to Brighton last week for a few days. We had the BEST time - it was jam packed with places to visit, food to eat and lots of walking. (This is when I wish I had a fit bit and could tell you how far we walked) 
It was actually our first time visiting Brighton - and it definitely didn't let us down. So, I thought I would share with you what we got up too, and to those of you that maybe visiting Brighton yourselves, where to go & any recommendations! I honestly fell in love with the place, and definitely will be going back sometime soon. We were also lucky enough to visit when the weather was in full swing - blue skies and sunny days. (UK weather was on our side for once !!)

Brighton Beach & the Pier

Of course, it wouldn't be Brighton without visiting the beach and the pier. I mean, did you even go to Brighton if you didn't visit it?! The beach is gawjus - it's more pebbly than sandy but you can't really complain. There is so much going on around the beach and pier area, basketball courts, volleyball and lots of bars and restaurants. 

As for the pier, you can go on it for free (added bonus) and there are SO many arcades and rides - it's quite overwhelming really. It's pretty fun, basically all the games you play - you are able to win tickets, and then put them together to win a prize. We ended up winning a big ol' bag of haribo, not too shabby.

Boho Gelato 

Likewise, with Brighton beach and the pier - you gotta have an ice cream !! We found a place called Boho Gelato and frankly, I went to ice cream heaven. It was located around the cute, quaint lanes of Brighton - on Pool Valley. The flavours were just SO unique and unusual - it ain't your usual ice cream shop. I had 'Alfonso Mango', and my best friend had 'Pink Lemonade'. As you can tell from the photo I was very happy with my choice. They also do other flavours, from what I remember: carrot cake, mango, raspberry and chilli, and eton mess. Just to mention a few.

Jelly & Gelato

Whilst we visited, we were also lucky enough to be able to go to Zoella's launch of her new beauty products. My best friend and I were inspired to go to Brighton anyway just from watching Zoe's, Alfie's, Mark's, and Sean's vlogs. (Of course not forgetting Poppy's blog posts too) - so when we found out they were ALL in Brighton, serving ice cream and showcasing new products, we power walked like two crazy ladies. (Honestly, you should of seen us...) 
Nevertheless, we missed them by an hour or so and were absolutely GUTTED !! However, we still got to see the pop up stand, new products and consume some free ice cream. (Not too bad) In regards to the products, the 'jelly and gelato' range which we were able to see looks fab. The packaging firstly, oh ma lord - it's so visually pleasing. I'm loving the retro vibe of it all. We tried the body mist and it gives such a fresh and Summery scent - perfect to use in the day time. Unfortunately, the ice cream van and that was only temporary, but the products I believe are currently available on Superdrug and Feel Unique in the UK!

Juice 42

Whilst we were wondering through the Brighton lanes we stopped by a juice bar called Juice 42. I loved the independent stores and shops that were around in Brighton - it's so good to try new places than always visiting chains that do exactly the same thing - EVERYWHERE. We found this place near the Brighton Square. All there juices are 100% raw and super cleansing. Although they were a lil bit pricey, they were so worth it. I had an orange, lemon, tumeric and ginger juice - that was definitely cleansing. (lol) My best mate had an watermelon and mint drink which I tried, it was SO refreshing. Quick tip -  we went later on in the afternoon when they reduced some of the juices down so they were a lil' bit cheaper !!

The New Club

As if there wasn't enough food in this blog post - here's some more. As it approached dinner time, we tried out another independent restaurant called The New Club located on the seafront in Brighton. It was a further walk down from Brighton pier - but only about 10 minutes or so. The restaurant itself is pretty casual, but the food is incredible !! We made the most of the weather (as us Brit's do) and sat outside with a glass of Rosé, whilst embracing Brighton's sunshine. My best friend had an pork dish, and myself - a 'dirty burger' with sweet potato fries. (I swear they are the best thing everrrrrrr) The food was superb, defeated our hunger needs and was relatively inexpensive for what it was !! If your looking for really good food, good views and a good price - here's the place to go.

Las Iguanas 

Lastly, we wanted to try out Brighton marina. The area itself is quite fancy, lots of chain restaurants and bars !! Like I mentioned above, we wanted to try out the independent bars - but we were unable to find any at the marina. However, Las Iguanas does the best cocktails. (I also want to note they were 2 for 1 aswel - which would be silly not too !!) I treated myself to an 'mango collins', which was soooo good. I've noticed that I love mango a lot from writing this blog post - mango ice cream, mango cocktails... woops. Anyway, they were super tasty and by that point we were pretty knackered from our jam-packed day !!  

I hope you enjoyed this blog, and found it useful to any of you visiting Brighton soon! (Day 2 is on it's way...) If you have also been yourself, and have any further recommendations on places - feel free to comment below! 

See you soon in another blog post,

That Ginge Girl x