My Favourite Nooks in my Uni Bedroom

Well hey there you lovely lot. It's been a while since I've posted on the blog. I looked back and can't believe my last one was from August. AUGUST. Where have the past few months gone?! They have honestly whizzed by, and suddenly were in October. Anyway, I thought I would get back into blogging, because I have missed it - it's not that I haven't wanted to do it, but I've been so overwhelmed and busy with uni work. Considering I'm in my last and final year of university, the work load has rocketed and it's basically taken over my life. It sounds like I'm exaggerating, but honestly - if you're also in your final year you will understand!! It's a lot. Trust me. 

Nevertheless, speaking of the wonders of university life, I thought it was about time to show you around my university bedroom. I've fallen in love with my room and managed to personalise it how I like. It's pretty simplistic and minimal, but I thought this would be ideal to inspire some of you students out there that want to make your room a bit more personalised and homely. 

My Bed

Of course it wouldn't be a 'favourite nooks in my university bedroom' without showing you my bed. This is where I relax, destress, watch netflix, cry, pamper myself and of course, sleep. The beauty of my university bedroom is that I have a double bed and I have so much room for myself. (winning) Nonetheless, I ADORE my duvet cover and pillows. They are all from IKEA and were insanely cheap. (Perfect for students!) I've stuck with a black and white theme entirely because it goes with everything. The chalkboard I have hung up on my wall is actually from Primark, or primarni if you want to sound fancy. I think it's such a nice touch and it makes me feel super organised because I can write down what I'm planning to do each day.

My Bedside Table

Moving onto my bedside table, again this is quite a simplistic area but it's one of my favourite corners of my bedroom. This is where I keep all my magazines, and light candles to destress. This funky light is from Clas Ohlson. Again this was relatively cheap but you can never go wrong with lights - they make my room feel so cosy. The cactus mantlepiece which you can see better in the above photo is from Tiger. If you don't know me I'm obsessed with cacti, so anything cactus related is so up my street. I highly recommend Tiger if you are looking to jazz up your room, they have some really unique pieces at not so crazy prices.

My Desk

So this is where I spend hours and hours doing endless work and essays... Although the work isn't so much fun, I've tried to make the space as inspiring as possible. Personal photographs are a MUST for me whilst I'm at uni - I like to print out photos of family and friends from previous holidays or memories to keep me motivated!! I also bought some postcard prints from Paperchase, again another nice touch and something to keep me going when I feel that I'm going insane and drowning with work. (hah) Additionally, I highly rely on a list book to keep organised - this one is also from Paperchase, (love that shop in case you couldn't tell) I mentioned it in my 'What I Got For My Birthday' video on YT and haven't stopped using it since.

My Dressing Table

Another favourite area of my bedroom has got to be my dressing table area. It's pretty much what it says on the tin, this is where I get all dressed up. I keep all my essential make-up on here, including some of my fav products at the mo: my Urban Decay naked heat palette, (I've done a tutorial using it on my YT) my Kat Von D shade and light palette and of course my Charlotte Tilbury wonder glow foundation. I've also been relying on the Hollywood Glam Glom hydrating masks to pamper myself, the formula is SO creamy and the next day my skin feels really fresh.

My Wardrobe 

Last but NEVER least, it wouldn't be a uni bedroom tour without showing you my wonderful wardrobe. It isn't as big as my one at home so I've had to be a little limited, but it does the job. Although it does look a little rammed, I have some of my ultimate fav pieces especially for Autumn and Winter! If any of you would like to see my 'must-haves' or necessities within my Autumn/Winter wadrobe then let me know by commenting below! I try to keep it organised by keeping my sports kit on the right hand side, t-shirts and tops on the left and bottoms, dresses and jackets on the rail.

There we have it, my favourite nooks within my uni bedroom! I hope you've all enjoyed my verbal tour, and if you want to see any more university related videos or blogs then please let me know. It's been nice to just relax and set aside some time within my busy schedule and write a blog.

See you soon in another blog,

That Ginge Girl x