My thoughts on the Morphe 35W palette

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So, I thought it was time for me to buy a new eyeshadow palette because those of you that watch my videos will know how much I go on about the Urban Decay palettes. Even though they are truly beautiful I thought I'd try something different and ideal for the Spring season ahead. After researching around endlessly on the internet (we all have them points), and watching some YouTube videos I ended up on the morphe palettes. Now I have never owned one of there palettes before but I ended up with the 35W palette, and ordered it off for those of you in the UK wondering how to get your hands on it!

I thought the colours were ideal for the Spring season ahead as it ranges from light beige tones ideal for a base on the eyelid to pinky and orange tones, some matte and also shimmer. The three from the left on the 3rd row are great for a daytime spring look. What I also liked is that it ranges from your evening browns,dark khaki shades and also purples, which are ideal for a smokey eye. I just loved the variety of colours which made me buy it. Considering how many shades you get the value of money I was really impressed with and I was expecting it to be a little bit more in price than thought!

Another thing that I was really impressed with was the pigmentation of the shadows. After applying the colours, once or twice they are extremely vivid which I was really pleased with. If you are interested in me doing a tutorial with this palette then please let me know in the comments!

3rd Row, bright and adventurous colours ideal for Spring 

4th Row - More darker shadows, involving browns and maroon purples

I've already used the palette a couple of times and I'm currently really happy with this palette and maybe bound to buy some more soon! I hope this blog was helpful to you in some shape or form and I will see you soon on my next blog!

Lots of love,