The first of Spring

Well hey humans, it's been a while since I've been on the good ol' blog in a while. I've been prioritising my YouTube video's lately as I'm sure you can tell, but I thought I would mix things up a little bit. I have been super busy with ridiculous, and endless amounts of work lately. It's just non-stop and every week seems to be flying past. Parts of me wants time to go slowly, but my other part is extremely happy that Spring seems to be around the corner. I couldn't help but dedicate this blog post to some very Spring like photos, and I guess a 'Spring clean' in sharing a little bit of an life update with you too.


Like I said, I have been extremely busy with uni work but I am so glad that Easter will soon be approaching. I have some exciting things planned, that I look forward to share with you all. I'm actually going skiing in Easter for about a week and a bit, I haven't been in so long it's about time to get the ski boots back on. I know it's a bit later within the ski season, but I can't wait to enjoy the slopes, but also just to have a break and go somewhere away. I think having something to look forward to whilst you are so busy consumed in work, it is really good for you to have a break because otherwise that's all you can think about, and then you never give yourself time to relax. It's important that everyone deserves to relax every now and then, just to reflect on themselves but also to destress. Because I'm the worst person at doing that. 

Anyway, I hope to vlog the week and share it all with you soon, so keep an eye out on my social media too! To those of you that haven't been skiing - you have to go at some point! Even just to try it out, because you may just surprise yourself. I hope the weather is reasonably better than the UK weather currently... The photos I took in this blog post was a few days back, and it actually felt like the first of Spring. But, it is typical UK weather, so it only lasts a few days and then it's raining once again. *Cries* I really hope that isn't the only snippet of Spring we'll get!

In other news, I've been really motivated in going to the gym a lot lately, or just doing work-outs at the house. I've always been keen in exercise, because I do think it is important - and it is a big part of my life, however I have been more cautious in what I eat too. There's so much in going to the gym, but if you don't eat well and eat a massive slice of cake, and doughnuts (although they are yum) then there's just no point. I've been making loads of salads lately, which are so easy and simple to do, considering the weather has been better and it is staying lighter later in the evenings. I have also cut put chocolate completely, yes it surprises me too. Although it is tempting at some points, I'm really happy that I've managed to keep it up currently - all you need is a little bit of will power!

Outfit details mentioned in my 'Spring haul' YouTube video

Anyway, I hope all is well with you, whether you may be, whatever your doing! Leave a comment below telling me what your favourite activity/thing to do is during Spring, and if you have any getaways planned soon!

Lots of love,


Outfit details on my latest video: